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Ever imagined someone tapping you on the shoulder and offering to buy your business for an obscene amount of money?

It's every entrepreneur's dream

But, more often we see people dedicate their life to their business without being able to achieve a rewarding outcome when it’s time to exit… Our mission is to change that.


…are in business for yourself because you decided to write your own story, not somebody else’s…Your story is vibrant, with twists and turns and moments of truth, reflecting YOUR goals and aspirations. And, with every great story it builds to a great ending.

Our goal is to empower you with the tools and strategies you need to build value in your company from entry to exit. In the process, you’ll be creating a more profitable, efficient and enjoyable business to own. And, when it’s time to exit – you’ll have a sellable asset that’s been designed to unlock your wealth and reward you for the hard work.

And, if you thought that was the end of the story....it's not. It's just the start of a whole new adventure....

The Business Landscape Is Changing...It's Time To Get Ready

Over the next 10 years there will more businesses for sale than ever before as our retiring baby boomers exit their businesses.


48% of business owners are planning to exit their business by 2020

How will you stand out in a crowded marketplace and unlock the wealth in your business?


81% of businesses do not have a formal succession plan

To build a valuable business you don't have to be a genius...or a serial entrepreneur that sold their last business to Google...and you don't have to have the "secret" blueprint for success.

What you DO need to know is that there are 8 things that drive up the value of a company.

And don't just take our word for it...

Because these 8 drivers have been tested by over 30,000 companies worldwide, and have been statistically proven to increase the value of a business by up to 71%.

Ready to take the next step?

Book in for a value builder consultation. On this free 45 minute phone call we will explore your current situation, understand what you are trying to achieve and we'll give you specific recommendations to move forward. This is not a sales presentation masqueraded as a consultation, we are passionate about helping you and we promise to deliver as much value as we can in the 45 minute call.


Our Mission

Helping entrepreneurs build value in their business from entry to exit

We give business owners clarity around the key drivers of company value, providing the right tools to benchmark their business, and giving them a clear action plan to design their business for maximum value.

Build a business that's worth selling

When you design your business for maximum value, you are giving yourself options.

Not only will you be rewarded at exit, your business will be designed so that each year it will provide:

Better profits

Happier clients

More sales

Faster turnover of stock

Lower industry and market risk

Stronger cash flow

Systems and processes that ensure things
continue to work when you're not there

Stronger brand and company recognition

Freedom to enjoy what really matters to you

Less stress, and more time to take that holiday you've
always wanted

How We Help

Getting ready to exit?

Whether you are thinking of retiring or moving on to your next venture, before you sell you want to:

  • Be clear on your options
  • Have a game plan to get ‘exit ready’
  • Sell for maximum value

Want to increase the value of your business?

Have you thought about your end-game?

Do you want to sell your business one day for a 7-8 figure payout? Hand it down to the next generation? or put in a GM so you can focus on your lifestyle goals?

We‘ll help you get clear on your plan and give you a roadmap to get you there.


Looking for a business? We'll help you find the right one

When you’re buying a business you need the right tools to search, value and negotiate. Whether you’re looking for your first business, or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur looking for a bolt-on to an existing operation.

We can help.

Buy the right business,  at the right price and have the right tools to be successful.


Meet Our Founder

Simon has over 20 years experience in the finance, investment, energy and technology sectors. As an entrepreneur, Simon has started, bought and exited companies. He has also worked for one of Australia’s largest banks, as an investment advisor to high net worth clients and private companies, in their Global Markets division.

Simon has earned an MBA (with distinction) through RMIT and a Diploma of Financial Markets through the Securities Institute of Australia.

He is a licensed Business Broker, and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He also currently sits on the Board of Wheelchair Rugby League Australia, and is involved in a number of technology start-ups.

Simon’s passion is helping business owners build value in their companies. He understands that every entrepreneur dreams of reaping big rewards when they exit their business, but too often they fail to achieve their potential because they are not aware of the key drivers of value, or haven’t implemented them before it’s time to exit.

"I established Buy Build Sell to give entrepreneurs, like you, a clear pathway to building value in your business. If your plan is to sell your business, at any stage, it's my mission to help you successfully exit at the top of your game, and for the best possible price." - Simon Bedard

What Our Clients Are Saying

Martin Meredith


I asked Simon to join the Board of NRL Wheelchair because of his strong credentials and passion to positively impact society. Simon has led the initiative to develop our strategic planning and his deep understanding of how to build value in an organisation is an ongoing asset to our Board.

D.E. George


We were looking to sell our business and retire but didn’t know where to start. Simon provided us with a good understanding of how the business sales process works, defined a clear strategy that was tailored to our business, and developed an action plan that delivered results.

Michael Axe


Simon helped us identify our key buyer profiles and developed an exit readiness program. The improvements we made led to a higher valuation and faster sales process.

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