We help people build businesess that are worth selling

Our tried and tested model has been proven to increase the value of a company by up to 71%. It's trusted by over 30,000 companies worldwide.

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We know building a business can be hard.

Are you facing any of these challenges?


My business is too dependent on me

I have no time to myself and I’m missing out on important things…time with family, friends, travel and simple pleasures.


Cashflow is a constant stress

I’m doing well “on paper” but there are days where cash is really tight. I’m not living the ‘lifestyle’ I want because I can’t take enough money out of the business.


It’s hard to find and retain the right people

My staff are not as passionate and committed to achieving the business goals as I am. I want people that will embrace the vision.


I’m uncertain about the future

What’s my end-game? Sell the business?…or pass it down to the next generation of leaders? What is the legacy I am creating?


Whether you want to sell - or just know that you could...

Building a business that is a sellable asset means that it’s profitable, growing and running efficiently, and it’s less dependent on you to run the show.

It also means, when you're ready, you can sell for a premium

But selling your business is only one option. You could also pass it down to the next generation of managers or hire a leader once your business can run without you. These are all options available when you are building a valuable company that is less dependent on you personally.

What's the best path to get there?

While there are hundreds of potential strategies and ‘experts’ all vying for your attention. There is one model that get’s dramatic results.

The Value Builder System has been statistically proven to increase company value by up to 71%

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Welcome to our 3 Step Value Builder Program

How it works:


We start by getting a solid understanding of your business, your objectives, and the key challenges you are facing. We then benchmark your business using the Value Builder System™, an evaluation tool driven by a proprietary algorithm that rates your company across thirty-two different value drivers.


This tool provides business owners with a score (out of 100) and a custom report detailing your score based on the 8 factors that drive the value of your company. It shows you how your business is really growing and identifies areas that might be silently dragging down your company’s value.

After assessing the results of over 30,000 businesses it’s been found that companies with a score over 80+ get offers that are 71% higher than the average scoring business.

Our team then works with you to develop a specific action plan with clearly defined goals and timeframes.


This is where we execute on the action plan. We take you through a systematic process for building value. We target the Value Drivers that require improvement for YOUR company and use specific tools that have been proven to increase your company’s value.

Our system is designed around accountability and measurement.

We know that you won’t just get there by leveraging a proven system – you need an action plan that is customised and backed by a team that can help you execute and achieve results that are measurable.

Interested to know more? Start with a free 45 minute Value Builder Session with us, we'll help you understand whether it's right for you and give you some specific strategies to get started on building value in your business. It's zero-risk and no obligation.

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These successful clients have benefited from our expertise

Deb Elliott, CEO and Founder, Fly Consulting

Simon differentiates himself in the industry with his no nonsense and authentic approach. His advice and action plan has helped reduce my business’ reliance on me, while also driving revenue growth.

Nate Godfrey, Chief Executive Officer, Canterbury Rugby Union

Simon is a strategic thinker who can also apply or execute a plan at the ‘coal-face’ and that is a rare skill. He was able to articulate the key drivers in our business, and how best to extract maximum commercial value.

Daniel Remon, Founder and CEO, Fitcorp Global Group

We had a fairly complex situation that required someone with the experience and the qualifications to come up with the right strategy. Simon achieved an EBIT multiple beyond our expectations by devising a unique solution that unlocked additional value in our company.

I'd like to increase the value of my business

Start with a free Value Builder Consultation. We’ll explore your current situation, understand what you are trying to achieve and give you specific recommendations to move forward. This is not a sales presentation masqueraded as a consultation. We are passionate about helping you, and promise to deliver the most value we can in the 45 minute call.

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