Sound familiar?

You’d like to buy a business.  

The businesses you’ve investigated have sounded good to start with, BUT as you’ve dug a little deeper, you’ve realised they are not what they seem.  

You are also dealing with brokers… and while some of them are good…many of them are underwhelming.  

The few businesses you have liked and decided to pursue got messy… with a whole bunch of hidden issues that were never revealed at the beginning of the process.  

Not only have you wasted a lot of time but it’s also cost you money getting advice from your accountant or lawyer…for issues that were just preliminary in the process.  

You know if you keep going it’s going to cost you a heck of a lot more time and money before you’ve even decided if you truly want to buy the business.

We Know

Your time is valuable

Yet somehow, it’s getting swallowed up with all things related to finding the right business.

There is a lot at stake

Whether it’s your first business or you are a seasoned investor, it’s a big decision and significant investment.  You need to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. 

Buying a business is not your day job…but it is OURS

We help people buy and sell businesses every day so we understand what’s involved, how to navigate the challenges, and how to get you the best outcome.

Let us help, so you can focus on what you do best.

Book in a free buyer consultation session

We’ll give you some honest, expert advice on how to take the next steps to finding the right business.


We help our clients to:


Get laser focused on your buying criteria and buyer profile


Find and research targeted businesses that fit your specific profile 


Engage with vendors and brokers effectively 

Value a Business

Learn to value a business using a range of financial models

Assess Non-financials

Value the non-financial elements of a business

Due diligence

Navigate due diligence with a methodical approach


Access the best financing options


Close the deal and manage the handover process 

There is a smarter, easier path to finding the right business

Book in for a FREE buyer consultation session, and we’ll give you some honest, expert advice on how to take the next steps to finding the right business.

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